Google AdWords, a powerful Internet marketing tool, has been used by retailers, service providers, and nonprofits alike to reach potential customers online for many years. Unlike many other forms of advertising, AdWords enables users to target audiences with a very high degree of specificity. This targeting factor makes AdWords an ideal part of a clinical research organization’s online marketing strategy, and Clinical List America is proud to offer it to sites and CROs across the country.

What Is AdWords?

Your organization’s AdWords campaign is tied into Google Search. As we set up your campaign, we identify important keywords based on your research trial’s demographics, geographical location, indication, and other critical factors. Those keywords are then used to create brief text advertisements and links to a response page and fuller explanation of the trial.

These advertisements appear prominently on Google’s search results page when a searcher types in the keywords highlighted in your AdWords campaign. From a marketing budget standpoint, this is the moment at which AdWords truly shines: instead of paying a fee each time your advertisements appear on a results page, your organization only pays when a user actually engages with an advertisement and “clicks through” to your response page.

Push vs. Pull Marketing

With traditional, or “push” marketing, you broadcast a message (via TV, radio, or email blast, for instance) and attempt to reach potential volunteers. An AdWords campaign, conversely, is a type of “pull” marketing. Your AdWords does not appear in front of a searcher until he has entered a keyword related to your trial, indicating that he is actively interested in the topic. At that point, your message has a great chance of pulling the user toward your clinical research trial and moving him on to the next step in volunteering.

Did You know?

AdWords can be a very powerful volunteer recruitment tool when utilized properly. We use, but are not limited to the following techniques to increase your return-on-investment (ROI):

  • End-to-End Solution Creation
  • Ad(s) Content Creation
  • Landing Page Design with User Testing
  • Usability Enhancement
  • Copy Creation for Maximum Conversion
  • Continual Oversight and Campaign Modification

The above methods when used sequentially can increase your campaign conversion (volunteer acquisition) exponentially. At CLA, we use our experienced IT and marketing team to achieve maximum results.

AdWords: Ideal for Clinical Research Marketing

Google holds a 74 percent market share in the search engine industry. Your clinical research organization now has the ability to reach those Google search users who are located near you and have a personal interest in your trial’s indication—all at an incredibly affordable cost. Please get in touch with us today about revolutionizing your online marketing activity with Google AdWords.