Marketing Products: Make Yourself Memorable

Because your site doesn’t sell a product or service to the public, marketing products may not have ever occurred to you as a potential promotional tool. However, low-cost, high-quality giveaways can help you do exactly what you want to in preparation for recruitment: establish your site in the minds of community members in a positive way. Setting up booths at community health events and meeting with people at their workplace are great ways to lay the groundwork for successful recruitment, but don’t stop there. Be ready with a pen, tote bag, or other useful item that will continue to remind potential volunteers of the good impression you left on them.

Give Them a Sign

Perhaps there is a small business or clinic in your community that you drive past on a regular basis but never noticed until recently. Many clinical research sites fall into that category; because they do not try to grab the attention of passing customers, many people don’t even notice them. Our beautifully designed signage and banners raise the profile of your site, giving it the position it deserves as a prominent member of the local medical community.

Make the most of your community outreach efforts as well with portable signs that make your booth or table hard to ignore. A large banner that attracts attention will lead to great opportunities to engage with your neighbors, tell them about your site’s important research work, and encourage them to volunteer.

Promotional Giveaways

Marketing products catch the eyes of people walking by your table, but hopefully their benefit doesn’t end there. We print your site’s logo, name, and even a brief message on your giveaways so that they will remind people of your mission long after you meet face to face. Such a reminder will also reinforce future contact that you have with potential volunteers via email, social media, direct mail, and other marketing approaches. A good impression of your site will lead to a higher rate of response and a more effective recruitment campaign.

Did You know?

Four percent of people that receive a promotional product could remember where they got it 2 years later – WOW! Putting something solid, functional, eye-catching, unique, memorable, and long-lasting in the hands of customers, prospects, and key influencers is a tactic providing distinct advantage to bring awareness to your site.
Source – PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) 2009

Inform In Your Absence

Of course, you can promote your site and educate people about its purpose without being physically present. Posters in corporate breakrooms and local doctors’ offices can briefly introduce your research work, and informational brochures can go into more detail for those who are interested in learning more. We can help you through the entire process, from designing and writing your brochure to distributing it in key locations around the community.

In-House Printing

When you work with Clinical List America for your marketing products, you benefit from an incredibly convenient one-stop system. Once we have worked with you to design the perfect giveaway, banner, or brochure, we create it at our in-house printing division for your approval. This close involvement in the printing process ensures that the final product matches your needs and also saves time and money. You’ll be delighted to discover how convenient, easy, and streamlined our process is, and you’ll be amazed at the difference high-quality marketing products will make to your research trial marketing efforts.