Personalized URLs: Streamlined, Sophisticated, and Secure

When processing the responses to your clinical trial recruitment mailers, efficiency and professionalism are critical qualities for your site or CRO to display. If a volunteer requesting more information perceives that your staff is disorganized or confused, he will understandably have second thoughts about entrusting you with his health! However, if you have an easy-to-use system set up to answer recruitment questions and allow volunteers to communicate their personal information to you safely, you will reassure them about your trustworthiness. You will also save time and money by getting volunteers enrolled as efficiently as possible. Personalized URLs are an excellent way to accomplish these goals.

Protecting Patient Information

A personalized URL gives the volunteer a unique web page, accessible only to the patient and his contact at the research site and/or CRO. On this page, the patient can provide necessary medical information, personal identification details, and other pieces of sensitive data without exposing them to identity theft. In many ways, this response method is safer than a mailed card or envelope, which could be lost or stolen.

Setting up a personalized URL for your patients puts your concern for their safety and privacy front and center. It gives a preview of the way you plan to treat them throughout the clinical trial.

Quick Processing of Responses

In theory, a volunteer could sign up for your clinical trial via his personalized URL within minutes of receiving your trial marketing mailer. If the recipient is required to mail in his response, he might delay doing so until the deadline has passed or choose not to send it because of security concerns. Like text messaging, another great response method to offer in your recruitment materials, personalized URLs make use of technology to streamline your response processing phase.

Email or call today to offer personalized URLs to your valued patients during your next marketing effort.

Did You know?

42% of Direct mail recipients prefer to respond online.

Personalized URLS (web landing pages) allow that to happen. Personalized URLS or PURLS bring together the power of direct mail with the interactive nature of the Internet. They help identify which of your direct mail recipients are potentially your best prospects to volunteer for a clinical trial.
Source – 2006 DMA Study.