Text Messaging and QR Codes

Mobile technology has quickly changed the way we communicate with one another, and your clinical research site can’t afford to ignore that fact. Our clinical trial marketing products offer text messaging and scannable QR codes to ensure that volunteers can easily reach you using their smartphones and iPhones in addition to more traditional response methods.

Immediate Response

A text messaging number included in your trial recruitment mailer makes it possible for a respondent to reach you within minutes of receiving your notification. This makes it less likely that the recipient will misplace the mailer or simply forget about it before responding. The quick response, in turn, raises your study’s recruitment numbers and gets you to your quota as soon as possible.

Answer Questions Directly

A QR code and/or text messaging number gives you an unprecedented opportunity to directly answer whatever question a potential volunteer may have about your study or your facility with incredible convenience. The recipient of your marketing postcard is probably more likely to text his question to you than to dial your phone number and engage in a conversation.

Minimal Additional Cost

There is absolutely no additional fee associated with adding a scannable QR code to your recruitment materials. This code can take mobile users to an informational video or to your site’s website, where they can find more details on the study and engage with you directly. You can even link the QR code to Google Maps and show volunteers exactly where your facility is located. Adding modern approaches like QR codes and text messaging to your materials also lets recruits know that your organization is not tied to traditional methods, but makes use of whatever new tools are available to make their experience better.

We look forward to making your clinical trial marketing materials as effective as possible. Please contact us to discuss how these and our many other recruitment services can help you in your next campaign.

Did You know?

The QR code was invented in 1994 by the Denso Wave, Japan.

A year and a half after the development project was initiated and after innumerable and repeated trial and error, a QR Code capable of coding about 7,000 numerals with the additional capability to code Kanji characters was finally created. This code could not only hold a great deal of information, but it could also be read more than 10 times faster than other codes.
Source – QRCode.com