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If you desire to send a piece that has a little bit more privacy to it and looks very professional, a letter and envelope mailing is the way to go. We can take your letterhead and create a personalized letter that will go inside a highly visible envelope. It is always best to add a teaser line to your envelope to attract immediate attention and draw the potential participant to the letter.
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As much as we would love for clinical trial patient recruitment to be simple, it just isn’t. CROs and research sites that approach recruitment as if it has only one or two components discover that their volunteer numbers leave much to be desired, even leading to expensive delays when studies can’t begin on time due to insufficient enrollment. It’s time to face the facts: clinical trial patient recruitment is a complex web of strategies, and keeping them all moving at once is key for achieving success.

Branding Your Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

There’s a good reason that companies spend millions of dollars and countless hours coming up with that perfect logo and slogan. Great branding causes your organization to stake a claim in the long-term memory of the person that you reach, making it more likely that he will respond to your clinical trial patient recruitment materials. We’ll help you create a succinct, effective way to solidify your site’s message with potential volunteers.

Online Clinical Trial Marketing

It’s pretty simple: Patient recruitment must incorporate online marketing if it is to remain relevant in the modern communication landscape. When your site or CRO needs to recruit younger volunteers, online marketing strategies—including mobile-friendly approaches, QR codes, text message response, social media advertising, email, and personal URLs—are highly effective and may even be considered indispensable.

Marketing Products

Remember that logo and message that we created for you? We’ll put that branding to good use in your clinical trial patient recruitment strategy by producing high quality marketing products. Pens, tote bags, novelty items, and useful tools are just some of the products that can get your site’s name into the homes, purses, desks, and minds of the people you hope to recruit

Maintaining Contact

An often-overlooked element of a comprehensive clinical trial patient recruitment effort is maintaining contact with previous trial volunteers. Even folks who have moved away from the area or do not qualify for a particular study are valuable partners for your site or CRO. These VIPs have a personal connection with many friends and family members who may be interested in volunteering, and your organization can’t afford to lose that advantage. Maintaining and using your site’s contact list to its greatest potential is one of the ways that we support your clinical trial patient recruitment efforts.

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