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Clinical List America offers postcards in many different sizes. This is our Mega postcard. It was designed to provide the most mailbox presence and provides the largest area for your images and copy. This card features the use of a QR code that when scanned with a smart phone will give real time directions to your site.

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A great patient recruiting agency is more than just a company that prints your recruitment marketing materials. It’s a partner that provides expertise and resources at every step of the recruitment process—sometimes at steps that you’ve been overlooking completely! Here’s a brief walk-through of what your patient recruiting agency might do for you in a typical strategy:

It Starts With a Brand

Any corporate marketing expert will tell you that you need a logo, name, and brief message that connects with audiences. Even though you are not selling a product, you are, in a sense, selling the idea of volunteering for a clinical research trial. Our patient recruiting agency is ready to help you design a brand that perfectly represents your organization.

Getting it Out There

Your publicity efforts may be small-scale or large-scale, depending on your marketing budget and the size of your community. Traditional advertising on TV and radio, introductions to local businesses, and launching vibrant social media accounts are a few good examples of publicity efforts that we assist with.

Direct Mail

When you are ready to recruit for a trial, our patient recruiting agency takes the lead on design, mailing list creation, printing, and mailing of your materials. It’s all done with your approval and involvement, combined with our years of experience for a highly effective campaign.

Doctor Involvement

A good patient recruiting agency will also help you get local doctors involved in the trial marketing process. Your site should be sending professional letters to the doctors in your area, informing them about your research and requesting that they connect you with patients who might be qualified and interested in volunteering.

Response Processing

We understand that handling the responses from your marketing materials is one of the most critical steps of the volunteer process. Whether you choose mailbacks, phone number, text messaging, personal URL, or a combination of response methods, our patient recruiting agency provides courteous, efficient processing of responses and pass the volunteer information on to you in an organized manner.

Post-Trial Activities

We help you keep in touch with past volunteers through email, newsletters, and other ongoing efforts. Those volunteers can help you recruit others, and they may even be able to volunteer themselves for future trials.
If you have not previously considered working with a patient recruiting agency, we hope this listing of services whets your appetite to learn more! We can’t wait to talk with you about creating a customized comprehensive, year-round marketing plan for you.