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This postcard is what we at Clinical List America call our Super Size Postcard. This size is the maximum size for the lowest USPS postcard postage rates. With our award wining design, it stands out from the rest of the mail in the mailbox. This card features the use of Text Numbers as another way for potential participants to respond to your clinical trial.


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The road to modernizing the clinical trial process has not always been a smooth one. Incorporating digital, online, and other new communication methods into our patient recruitment strategies and clinical trials is more difficult than it may seem at first glance! Doing so successfully requires a thorough understanding of not only the methods themselves, but their effects on trial volunteers as well. Plenty of clinical trials have failed to meet their objectives because volunteers became confused, discouraged, or prevented from participating altogether by the misapplication of digital communication methods. How can we strike the right balance?

Patient Recruitment Strategies that Understand the Audience

The best patient recruitment strategies take the characteristics of the target audience into account at every level. When it comes to using text messaging, social media marketing, and other digital communication methods, that primarily means considering the factor of age. A recruitment campaign that relies on text messaging and scannable QR codes as the primary form of response is bound to put off potential volunteers who are more comfortable with traditional mail. For patient recruitment strategies focused on a younger demographic such as juvenile diabetes, on the other hand, those techniques can be the drivers of a great boost in response rate.

The (Sometimes False) Promise of Savings

One of the main reasons clinical trial sites seek to adjust their patient recruitment strategies is cost. Many online marketing methods cost much less than traditional methods—some, in fact, are free. But lower in cost does not necessarily mean more cost-effective! Many research sites have discovered that automated phone systems, while more convenient from a staffing standpoint, only frustrate their volunteers. Posting notifications to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets is not very expensive, but it is also usually not very effective. Email is faster and cheaper than printing postcards, but spam filters and the tendency of recipients to overlook marketing messages derail many email-based patient recruitment strategies.

Balancing Patient Recruitment Strategies

As with so many other topics, balance is the key. The patient recruitment strategies we create for our partner CROs and research sites combine the best of both traditional and modern communication techniques for the best possible results. Social media, email notifications, and other digital tools can greatly benefit your recruitment efforts, but only if used properly. Please contact us today to learn more about designing patient recruitment strategies that are both more affordable and more effective that what you’ve been trying!