Don’t get burnt on not knowing when to expect responses from your patient enrollment in clinical trials mailings or burn the cookies. Track with the Mail Spotter tracking available through City List America and bake on a stone.

My previous blog  said how City List America is able to track patient recruitment standard mailings once they reach their local destination post office. This tracking allows you to know when you will start to receive responses.

The tracking system will create the following reports:

1-Out for Delivery by Date – Qty delivered per day

2-Out for delivery all – Shows actual bar code of each mail piece that is delivered on which day.

3-Results by post office. – Number of pieces that are scanned at each destination post office per day.

Most clients like the Out for Delivery by Date report, but if you would like to receive updates based on any of the above reports, just let us know.

Don’t burn the cookies. Bake on a stone. I have been baking on a stone for 10+ years and have yet to burn a single cookie. Baking on stones can take 2-3 min longer than what the recipe calls for, but only until the stone is brought to baking temperature.

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