Regardless of whether you have been involved in clinical trials for several years or for only for a short time, there is usually a general consensus that patient recruitment can be a time-consuming process that has the potential of delaying just about any clinical trial. But instead of worrying about what strategies to implement for your next clinical trial, why not take full advantage of Clinical List America’s innovative clinical trials marketing?

Over the years, Clinical List America has learned what techniques work best to recruit perspective patients effectively, and as a result direct mail has become on of our specialties. However, we don’t just settling to simply send out direct mail pieces hoping to get a response. Our team is constantly working to develop new, innovative ideas to make reaching your patient recruitment goals easier. One of our new services, Dynamic Response, demonstrates just that.

Dynamic Response is an added service for our direct mail pieces. With this service, we print our Business Reply Mail (BRM) permit on the reply card of our mail pieces, for an additional cost. This way, potential clinical trial participants don’t have to worry about finding their stamp book – we’ve taken care of the postage for them! How convenient, don’t you think?

Our BRM permit also directs all of the potential clinical trial participants’ mailed-back replies to Clinical List America. Once we receive the replies, we then electronically transfer the data to our client’s site/sites. No more worrying about organizing incoming mail responses – we’ll deliver them in a convenient, electronic file.

If you are interested in taking advantage of Clinical List America’s newest service, Dynamic Response, or any of our other patient recruitment services, then contact our customer advocate, Mary Lou, today!