In our opinion, one of the best ways to maximize patient enrollment in clinical trials is by implementing targeted strategies in your patient recruitment efforts.

Regardless of whether you are recruiting potential participants for clinical trials or marketing to another type of audience or industry, using a targeted, data-driven approach to your efforts is key. Take for example our approach to patient recruitment. Our team helps our clients implement targeted patient recruitment through data-driven tactics and customized strategies.

When recruiting for a specific indication, our team refers to our nationwide, proprietary database that is verified as 100 percent HIPAA compliant. We are able to narrow our recruitment efforts on a targeted audience by:

  • Gathering data per indication, per geographical radius to a research site’s zip code
  • Deduping data to prevent overlaps of data from site to site
  • Refining date by age, gender, ethnicity and treatment method filters

From there, we develop custom recruitment pieces to help our clients get the right message to the right audience. But we don’t just stop there. We also recommend that our clients engage, inform and maintain relationships with their current and potential participants by taking advantage of our V.I.P. service.

In marketing (or in this case, recruitment) today, it is important to recognize the importance of not only a strategic, data-driven approach, but also the necessity of two-way communication efforts. Once you develop a communication strategy that focuses on a targeted audience, be sure to maintain that relationship by engaging, acknowledging and informing (in this case) your participants. Trust us, they will appreciate and thank you for it.

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