In today’s world, there are some very effective, affordable, and efficient volunteer recruitment tools available to clinical research organizations. However, it has been our experience that most organizations neglect those tools, instead relying on the same techniques that they have used for many years—even if those techniques consistently yield very low response rates. Why is that the case? Usually it comes down to simple cost-benefit analysis: it seems easier to stick with an existing approach than to try something new, especially if it is going to require a significant investment of money, time, and manpower to master a new approach.


Videos, instant messaging, and AdWords all help you reach people where they are: online!

We’d like to challenge that analysis, since Clinical List America has already accomplished the hard work of researching, testing, and implementing the most powerful recruitment tools that modern technology has to offer. Putting these tools to work for you is as easy as linking up with our experts and customizing our services to fit your organization. Here are three of those amazing tools that have the potential to raise your recruitment response rates higher than they’ve ever been.

1. Informational Videos

Videos have become one of the preferred ways for people to get information, not just entertainment. Just browse the many thousands of “how to” videos hosted online, or note how many news websites provide video stories in addition to written articles. A simple, animated, narrated video is a great way for your clinical research organization to communicate both general information (about the safety, benefits, and importance of volunteering for clinical trials) and specific information (about the mission and history of your organization) to potential volunteers. For an idea of what such a customized video might look like, just take a look at the examples on our website’s home page.

Once the experts at Clinical List America have created a video for your organization, you can use it in a wide variety of contexts to reach a huge audience. You can display it on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and in email blasts to those on your contact lists. You can play it on a mobile device or monitor in your office, the offices of local doctors, and at special health-themed events in the community. These and other applications make your video a quick, easy, and memorable way to educate potential volunteers about the clinical trial process.

2. Instant, Personal Response

The combination of text messaging/instant messaging and our call center staff means that your clinical research organization is able to offer curious respondents to your recruitment campaigns something that they want more than almost anything else: a conversation with a live, knowledgeable human! By offering a text messaging number or a live online chat feature, your materials can invite people to get in touch with a live operator who can answer specific questions about your organization or about the clinical trial that they have been invited to apply for. This personal contact is a key factor in helping respondents continue down the path of qualifying and volunteering for your trial, and with our help you can provide it without adding to your organization’s staff.

3. Google AdWords

At Clinical List America, we have built a great AdWords team and have made this incredibly powerful service a centerpiece of our clinical trial recruitment activity. Never before have research organizations had the ability to reach people who are interested in volunteering for clinical trials at this level, and it is a huge mistake to ignore the benefits that AdWords provides. Once our experts design, calibrate, and launch your AdWords campaign, your ads will reach only those search engine users who are actively looking for information about the indications that your campaign is focused on. You have complete control over your AdWords budget, and it’s easy to adjust your keyword strategy and ad wording to get the best possible responses.

Our staff helps you follow through on those valuable responses, with personal URLs, expertly designed pre-qualifying surveys, and collection of contact data for future use.

Why wait to add these and our other incredibly powerful tools to your clinical trial recruitment efforts? It’s as easy as getting in touch with us today. Bypass the trial and error process and get started with tried-and-true strategies that really work.