Why does your research site need to send out an eNewsletter? Most of us feel that our email inboxes are already overfilled with advertisements, special offers, and “news” emails that are nothing more than attempts to gather more information about us. But if an eNewsletter is done right, it can be a very powerful tool for patient recruitment in clinical trials. Here are three reasons to add this activity to your marketing strategy:

3. Updating Contact Lists

One of the most important features of your eNewsletter is an invitation for the recipient to contact you with address/contact information changes. Instead of losing contact with someone on your mailing list when he moves to a new town, you can use an eNewsletter to get his new contact details and ask him to recommend your site to acquaintances who still live near your site so that you can reach them for patient recruitment in clinical trials.

2. Maintaining Connections

When someone signs up to receive notifications from you at a community event or via your website, don’t waste that valuable contact! Support your patient recruitment in clinical trials by reminding those people about your site’s work through periodic eNewsletters.

1. Informing About Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials

Of course, the top reason to publish an eNewsletter is to boost patient recruitment for clinical trials. As long as your eNewsletter is attractive, well-written, and informative, people really will read it. You can give potential recruits a heads up about a study in the future, remind them to look for your recruitment materials in their mailbox, and encourage them with great stories and testimonials from volunteers in past trials.

Patient recruitment for clinical trials can greatly benefit from an eNewsletter—that is, as long as it is written well. Our professional writers can keep your contacts reading each email instead of consigning your messages to their “spam” folder.