In a previous post, we discussed the importance of promoting your site in the community, even when you are not actively recruiting for a clinical trial. If people know where your site is, what its purpose is, and how friendly its staff members are, they will be primed to respond when you reach out to them with patient recruitment outsourcing efforts. In this post, we pass on a few additional tips to help you get started with ideas and make the most of your promotion efforts.

Reach Out to Large Companies

Your direct mail campaigns allow you to make contact with potential volunteers at home, but you can also take action to contact them at work. Large corporations that value their employees’ health and desire to contribute to the good of their communities are often happy to partner with sites for the important work of clinical research. This is a fantastic way to round out your efforts to reach the entire community and support your patient recruitment outsourcing.

Provide Reading Materials

Breakrooms and waiting rooms across your town should be stocked with well-written, eye-catching brochures about your site. A person with little to do for a few minutes will pick up a brochure, become familiar with your site and staff members, and establish a point of contact with you in his mind. Remember to check up on these locations and replace brochures that people have taken home with them.

Unify Your Efforts

As you reach doctor’s offices, corporate employees, homes, and community events all at the same time, make sure you’re saying the same thing to everyone! A brief, memorable slogan is very effective, and if people hear the same message from your site at multiple venues, they will be more likely to remember you. The goal? Creating a favorable image that will lend strong support to your clinical research trial recruitment mailers and result in a quick patient recruitment outsourcing process.