Clinical trial recruiting is a huge job. No one disagrees with that assessment! There are so many moving parts and so many timing, design, and communication issues to consider that it’s easy to feel a stress headache coming on before too long. In this post, we’d like to help you organize your thoughts by condensing your clinical trial recruiting responsibilities into three top areas. Tackle them one at a time with the help of an expert clinical trials recruitment agency, and your headaches should soon disappear.

1. In-House Database

A network of people already connected with your research site is difficult to develop in terms of organization, but it’s worth the work. The people who know your facility’s staff personally are your most valuable contacts, and you can’t afford to lose touch with them! Our clinical trials recruitment agency helps sites set up a database, populate it with current contacts, and devise a strategy to regularly reach out and maintain those valuable relationships.

2. Print Materials

Clinical trial recruiting still depends heavily on printed materials, even as electronic communication becomes more advanced. The unique advantage that our agency offers is an in-house printing facility. With no extra steps between the designs we create together and the actual printing of your materials, you save time and money and end up with exactly what you had hoped for.

3. Electronic Communication

In addition to printed materials, our clinical trials recruitment agency provides a full range of services to help your site or CRO connect with people online. A website is indispensable, and serves as a great hub for all kinds of convenient communication routes with potential volunteers. Creating your website, setting up social media accounts, and handling email blasts are just a few of the online services that we provide.

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