In my last blog I talked about the Postal Service NDC’s (National Distribution Centers) and the route that your standard mail takes to travel from the mailer to the end user. Each piece of standard mail is processed through the originator’s NDC and the destination’s NDC. All of your standard mail that City List America processes starts at the postal hub in Columbia, SC and then travels to our NDC originator hub in Greensboro, NC. It is then routed to the NDC that is the closet to your site zipcode.

The United States Postal Service has made consolidations over the past couple years of their NDC’s and there are now only 21 NDC locations in the United States. Although these distribution centers are throughout the country, they are well spread out. The distance between the originator and destination NDC can sometime result in two to three days travel time between the NDC’s. This travel time, along with the processing time at each location, is the reason why the USPS regulations state that they have a four to nine day window for in-home delivery of it’s standard mail for your clinical trial recruitment.

Consolidations seem to be a part of everyday life. Please consider consolidating your personal errand runs. This helps you save money at the gas pump and saves our air from unnecessary emissions.