Every new technology has its “growing pains,” and email is no exception. Until the invention and perfection of the spam filter, many of us spent too much time in the morning deleting scores of unwanted promotional messages. If we are particularly unfortunate, we still occasionally receive unsolicited offers of an inappropriate nature. In order to eliminate this kind of activity, the federal government instituted a law with the acronym CAN-SPAM in 2003. As you conduct clinical trials marketing via email, it’s important for you to know about this law and stay within your legal boundaries.

How the Law Affects Your Site

We understand that your clinical trial patient recruitment management is not going to send out spam emails, which CAN-SPAM (which stands for “Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing”) was primarily designed to fight. However, the law does encompass clinical trials marketing correspondence by email, so you are responsible to abide by its guidelines. In a very brief, simplified synopsis of the new requirements, you must give recipients of your emails the clear option to opt out of future correspondence. The law dictates deadlines for removing addresses from your mailing list depending on the type of response—opt-out, hard bounce, or soft bounce.

Responsible Emailing

Keeping your email activities courteous and responsible is about more than just staying within the bounds of CAN-SPAM, although that is critical. It is also about treating your potential and current clinical trial volunteers the right way. Email is a great way to keep people updated about developments at your site, but emailing too often or sending unclear messages could result in those volunteers blocking your site and opting out of future emails.

Get Expert Marketing Help

At Clinical List America, we specialize in handling email correspondence on the part of clinical research sites. We will take care of processing those opt-outs, hard bounces, and soft bounces so that you can rest easy about your compliance with CAN-SPAM. We will also help you compose clinical trials marketing messages that keep your contacts updated without causing frustration. Contact us today for expert help with this and other strategies for successful patient recruitment.