In the medical industry, the term “HIPAA compliancy” is a decidedly familiar expression. We see it plastered all over websites and mission statements, and certainly understand that whatever medical endeavors we venture into, we must be sure they’re 100% HIPAA-compliant. So how does this affect patient recruitment for clinical trials?

HIPAA, an acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was first signed into law in 1996 and it sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. Companies that deal with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that there are very specific safeguards in place in order to avoid severe legal penalties.

While the original intent of HIPAA had nothing to do with clinical research and trials, by the time the regulations were implemented, they impacted research directly. The result? Very few resources were available to help researchers and clinical site staff to navigate the challenges associated with patient recruitment, and new strategies had to be established.

The solution that worked best for most clinical research sites was the use of patient recruitment facilities like Clinical List America. We navigate the challenges associated with patient recruitment for you. The process of recruiting patients for clinical trials has three primary requirements in order to be considered 100% HIPAA-compliant:

  • Participants must be 18 or older
  • Participants must elect to “opt in” at the end of their medical survey
  • Participants must provide their signature

All information gathered is completely self-reported by individuals, meaning none of it contains any data from official medical records. As a result, we have an enormous, HIPAA-compliant database of potential participants for your clinical site to pull from.

At Clinical List America, our patient recruitment methods are 100% HIPAA compliant. We’re focused on providing the most progressive services in patient recruitment for clinical trials nationwide and will provide the fastest, most effective, turnkey service to our clients within the timeframe they specify.