How much do you owe your clinical trial participants?

If your answer was something along the lines of, “A lot,” then continue reading. Or even if your answer wasn’t along those lines, we think you should still continue reading anyway… :).

When we say “a lot,” we don’t necessarily mean monetary compensation, either. We are referring to your relationship with your participants and potential participants alike. As you are well aware, clinical trial participants are crucial to the progression of the clinical trial and in turn the advancement of medicine and betterment of people’s health. Without contributions of clinical research professionals and participants, clinical research could not move forward.

This is why it is imperative to develop a rich, engaged relationship with your participants. Clinical trial participants are important, so be sure to remind them of that. To do this, education is key! Be sure to address things like:

-What a clinical trial is

-How your participants are contributing to clinical research

-How much time the clinical trial will take

-If there is a value proposition (i.e. – monetary compensation, no requirement for insurance, study medication, diagnostic tests, etc.) for their participants

-How they are benefitting from participating in your clinical trial and how they are helping others

-Follow up after the completion of a clinical trial. Participants want to know how their participation made a difference

-And last but not least… be sure to use language that will more patient focused!

An engaged, two-way and informed relationship is important to your clinical trial recruitment efforts, but what’s more is that you owe it to your participants. Want more advice on how to create this type of relationship with current and future participants? Receive monthly tips by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter here, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or LinkedIn!