Many site managers love their jobs, but find that meeting their quotas for patient enrollment in clinical trials just seems more difficult than it should be. After gathering advice, trying the traditional marketing techniques, and even including some unusual ideas, they are left wondering what they are missing out on. Is there a “secret weapon” that would make it a simple task to get qualified recruits to the site for an upcoming trial? Not exactly, but there is an important marketing strategy that many site managers don’t think of employing: branding their site and promoting it in the community.

Selling Your Site

Since your site is not selling a product or service to the public, it seems odd to talk about promoting and branding it. But this activity will yield huge benefits when the time comes to build patient enrollment in clinical trials. Instead of coming from nowhere, your recruitment postcard will be familiar—and the more contact the recipient has had with you and your site, the more likely he will be to respond.

What to Do?

There are many specific ways for you to effectively brand and promote your site. Creating a logo and message for the public is the first step. Next, you will communicate that image and message to the community through advertisement methods and involvement. This could include participation in local events such as 5k races and mud runs, with promotional products and giveaways featuring your site’s new logo. You will be surprised to discover how many people were unaware of your site’s location and work!

Partner with Clinical List America for Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trials

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the idea of implementing these branding/marketing ideas, don’t worry! Clinical List America offers expert help at every step of the process, from strategy planning to designing and creating promotional products. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you promote your site all year round.